Job searching advice

Job searching advice

Searching for the perfect new job? We know there’s a lot to learn and remember when you’re starting your job hunt. From finding your perfect role to writing a concise but effective CV, it can all end up feeling somewhat overwhelming.

Explore our advice guides below to fully brace yourself for all the aspects of the job search.

Finding a new role

Whether you’re pivoting into a new industry or moving up the career ladder – finding your perfect role is an important step. After all, your new position is likely to take up a lot of your time.

We’ve gathered a collection of useful guides to help you quickly and easily find the perfect roles to apply for. Whatever route your job search takes you in, we hope our advice can steer you in the right direction.


How to create a job search plan – step-by-step

Take a strategic approach to your job hunt by creating a step-by-step plan. Here’s our guide for how to build yours.

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How to stay motivated during a job search

The job hunt can take its toll on even the strongest of candidates. Our guide below will help you stay motivated when searching for the next step in your career.

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Using social media and networking in a job search

Social media can be a great asset to help you discover your perfect job and find useful contacts. Here’s our guide to using social media to your advantage.

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Guide: How to improve your LinkedIn profile

A strong LinkedIn profile can show off your personal brand and help you stand out in your job search. Learn how to get the most out of your profile with our essential tips.

CV writing

Updating or writing a CV from scratch can seem like a huge undertaking. From knowing how to add value to the general layout, there are several vital aspects to perfect.

Put your best foot forward with your job application by brushing up on all the best tips and advice when it comes to writing your CV.

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The ultimate CV writing guide: Tips & examples

This guide will fully equip you with all the tools needed to write an effective CV. We’ve also included our CV layout template ready to be downloaded and edited.


How often should you update your CV?

Only ever update your CV just before starting a job search? This guide will explain the importance of keeping an up-to-date copy of your CV to hand.

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Should your CV include hobbies and interests?

The inclusion of personal hobbies and interests in a CV has long been a topic up for debate. We’ve offered some advice here on when and why it could be worth including this information.

Applying for roles

Your application is usually the first chance you get to impress the employer, so use it as an opportunity to be authentic and honest. But don’t forget that this is your chance to upsell your skills and show off your achievements.

Prepare with our guides and advice below to give yourself the best chance to shine in your applications.

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What is cultural fit and why is it important?

You might possess the right skills and experience for the job, but are you a cultural fit? Let’s delve into what this means and why it has become such a major box to tick.

How to decide between multiple job offers

You’ve found yourself in the fortunate position of holding numerous job offers – but how do you choose which to accept? Our advice below is here to help.

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What makes a great cover letter?

Make an instant impression with your next application using our handy guide to writing a cover letter.


Pre-employment personality tests: What to expect

This guide will steer you through the who, what, why, and how of pre-employment personality tests.

Should you ask for time to consider an offer?

So, you’ve received an offer for a position but feel you need extra time to assess your options. Here’s how to professionally and respectfully manage these conversations.

How to move on when you didn’t get the job

Missed out on your dream job? Turn rejection into resilience with our effective confidence-boosting strategies following a blow in your job-hunting journey.