LNG & Shipping

SEFE Marketing & Trading’s LNG business is headquartered in London, supported by regional offices in Singapore. Since our inception, we have traded more than 700 physical cargoes, with an ambition to build a larger, more diversified portfolio, expanding both LNG supply and sales and thereby solidifying our position in the market.

We trade physical LNG, freight and financial derivatives, supported by a portfolio of third-party purchases and sales. Physical LNG deal activity spans key supply and demand centres and ranges from single-cargo deals to mid-term strips, to larger multi-cargo deals of 20-years or more.  We also structure more complex deals involving pipeline gas, time swaps and options, along the value chain from wellhead to end-user. Transporting LNG by sea enables SEFE Marketing & Trading to reliably supply natural gas to our growing global customer base which provides:

  • Security and diversity of demand (accessing new and growing existing markets);
  • Security of transit (complementing pipeline networks);
  • Diversification of natural gas pricing (through access to regional oil and gas indices including NBP (UK), TTF (Netherlands), Henry Hub (USA), JKM (Far East), JCC (Japan) and Brent; and
  • A global network of assets that can be optimised and coordinated with other SEFE Marketing & Trading business units to build additional value for the SEFE Marketing & Trading Group.


SEFE Marketing & Trading has built a diverse LNG portfolio supported by a fleet of LNG carriers and operational teams to help manage and optimise the physical business. Our teams and activities cover the whole deal lifecycle, spanning commercial to operations functions.

Shipping Technical & Marine Assurance team provide shipping technical expertise and marine services to SEFE Marketing & Trading projects and third parties, focusing on the design, construction and commercial control of vessels for existing and future projects; ensuring vessels selected for employment meet SEFE Marketing & Trading’s  rigorous safety and performance requirements and has full capability for Vessel SIRE/OVID and Terminal inspections.

The LNG activities of the Group are carried out via SEFE Marketing & Trading’s wholly-owned subsidiaries SEFE LNG and SEFE Marketing & Trading Singapore, covering the Atlantic/Middle East and Asia/Pacific regions respectively.

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Our Fleet

SEFE Marketing & Trading’s LNG business is headquartered in London, supported by regional...
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For more news on SEFE Marketing & Trading’s ever-expanding LNG portfolio, stay up to date with all the latest goings-on by heading over to our blog. You’ll find plenty of insights and information on the relationships and inner workings of these fast-growing, fast-moving operations.

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Want to work on a team where growth, learning and team spirit take top priority? When you’re part of SEFE Marketing & Trading’s LNG team, you’ll have the platform to grow and succeed from day one. Interested? Take a look at all our latest LNG job vacancies below.