Global Commodities and Derivatives Trading

Building on over 20 years of success, our teams operate in gas, power, and carbon-offsets markets, along with related financial instruments and logistics activities, to serve the evolving needs of our partners; helping them to capture and protect value across ever-changing markets.

Structured Gas & Power Trading 

We provide an array of innovative products and services to our customers and counterparts, including:

  • Bespoke sales and purchases of natural gas, power and carbon products
  • Market optimisation for operators of flexible assets
  • Sales and purchases of gas storage and transportation capacities
  • Market access and hedging services in gas, power, carbon and LNG markets
  • Options and derivatives structures focused on all key commodity markets

Gas, Power & Carbon Deal Flow

Offering customers bilateral trading services and market access across all major European gas, power and carbon markets; our Gas, Power & Carbon Deal Flow builds on over a decade of experience in providing innovative commercial solutions to our customers.

The Deal Flow team also includes a sub-team dedicated to serving the needs of Independent Suppliers of gas and power in the UK and continental markets.

Through our expert multi-lingual team and augmented by our online digital trading platform Gazflow, we also provide high-quality market access.

Energy Transition

We provide a range of Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) totaling more than 1.5GW in the UK. This comprises a mix of renewable and flexible assets.

Our customers trust us to capture the best value as:

  • Skilled proven team, with a decade of success providing off-take agreements for power assets
  • Robust end-to-end trading and optimisation engine that supports value capture from the forward curve to intraday and balancing services.
  • Focused on maximizing value for our customers’ Not owning our own assets avoids the risk of conflict of interest on dispatch and optimization
  • Excellent market access, combining exchanges with extensive bi-lateral lines for commodities and related renewable certificates

Environmental Products

Active in carbon markets since 2008, we develop and offer offsets and carbon products to meet the needs of our clients.

  • Focusing on the following: Developing and originating compliance certificates (e.g. Upstream Emission Reductions) and voluntary carbon reduction credits on many continents, and across a range of project types
  • Specialist networks able to capture best value from an array of product-types
  • Offer off-sets bundled with gas, LNG and power supplies: working in partnership with other business lines to offer energy supplies coupled with specified grade and amount of carbon off-sets.

Digital Trading

We deliver the tools to support our clients build and retain a competitive edge in fast evolving market conditions. Using automation to

  • Provide market insight to support decisions
  • Access competitive pricing in multi Energy markets

The Gazflow digital market portal, offered via our Deal Flow team provides clients access to live Gas, Power and ETS prices for seamless trading. In addition to this our automated liquidity provision provides real time competitive pricing for our clients.


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