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Our Wellbeing Programme

Here at SEFE Marketing & Trading, we feel strongly about enhancing the health and wellness of our people.

Our wellbeing programme focuses on five key areas – balance, emotional, physical, professional and protection. We care for our employees by making the workplace a positive and supportive environment where everyone can thrive. Through our renewed efforts, employees can use various resources from our Wellbeing Programme, all designed to improve their health and happiness, both now and in the future.



Wellbeing emails

We regularly update the SEFE Marketing & Trading team with tips and advice to help support employee health. From how to deal with change to information on our Employee Assistance Programme, we ensure everyone has access to the necessary resources and advice if they find themselves in a challenging situation.


Mental Health First Aiders

To lessen the stigma, and open up the conversation around mental health, this initiative allows employees to contact dedicated colleagues for support and reassurance. Champions of promoting mental health in the workplace, they’re trained to be a friendly ear to struggling employees, as well as suggesting ideas to help us improve our wellbeing offering.


Mental Health Awareness Events

We’re committed to raising awareness of the importance of mental health, reminding employees of our support and resources available, and letting everyone know it’s good to reach out to others if they’ve noticed the warning signs of low mood and anxiety. We do this throughout the year, but especially on key dates such as Mental Health Awareness Week and World Mental Health Day.


Workplace Health and Safety

We offer a range of wellbeing activities for colleagues to get involved in – from yoga and meditation to virtual running and Tea & Talk events, which encourage colleagues to come together to chat about any difficulties they may be facing. A problem shared, is a problem halved so they say! Our team of trained First Aiders are on hand to help deal with any minor injuries which may occur in the workplace.



We think it’s important to refresh, renew and improve what our programme offers. That’s why we’re always looking for insights and opinions from employees, surveying our teams to find out what we can do to enhance employee engagement, improve their work/life balance, optimise support contacts and a whole host of other wellbeing-boosting approaches.



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