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Learning & personal development

We love turning today’s talent into tomorrow’s trailblazers. And in the SEFE Marketing & Trading workplace, developing our team’s skills from day one is all part of the inspiring environment we thrive on.

At SEFE Marketing & Trading, developing your knowledge, skills and experience in ways that let you thrive is something we strongly believe in. Everything we do is fuelled by the flow of continuous learning; developing talent and strengthening the organisation to fully deliver on its strategic ambitions.

We operate a 70:20:10 model which essentially holds that individuals can obtain knowledge through learning and development by breaking things down in the following way:

And there are several ways we can help employees achieve this. The learning and development solutions SEFE Marketing & Trading provide are tailored to ensure high-impact, high-quality progression through a variety of opportunities including classroom courses, e-learning, external and technical training, and more. Likewise, we partner with other businesses, creating support functions that cater to both wider companies as well as the individual.

While learning and development is our employees’ responsibility, the number of programmes that SEFE Marketing & Trading offers means it’s easy to drive towards your goals and refocus your efforts. All our employees can take advantage of the following support options:

Personal development planning

Aided by your line manager, you’ll outline goals and plans, along with how they can be achieved in a structured way – increasing empowerment, responsibility and accountability, and driving your career forward in the process.

Learning portal

A sophisticated online learning platform, the Learning eXchange contains multiple e-learning resources, online/virtual classes, and collaborative learning functionality, alongside tools to help keep track of your Personal Development Planning.

Available through our Learning & Development portal, you’ll find a variety of online content, including internally-led presentations, external videos, web-based content, eLearning and expertise packages to fit into your schedule.

SEFE Marketing & Trading core offer

Enrich your SEFE Marketing & Trading experience with a suite of over 50 workshops delivered across the globe, including industry awareness for new starters, professional skill development, and management & leadership training.

Academic development support

Bolster your role in the business with financial support for academic programmes –recognised by professional bodies like the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, and the Association of Corporate Treasurers.

Mentoring scheme

Structured conversations with professionals who know the industry, our mentor and mentee opportunities help to support and enhance others in the office, and come highly recommended.

Secondment opportunities

These temporary opportunities offer an insight into how other areas of the business function, letting employees develop their career and enhance their current role.

Lunch and learn

Looking for some more food for thought? These sessions are designed to teach you about the wider SEFE Marketing & Trading Group, its place in the industry, and the new, exciting projects happening within the SEFE Marketing & Trading Group.

External learning events and forums

You may identify a learning need for which there seems to be no in-house L&D solution. That’s where these external learning events come in, allowing attendees to learn about a range of business issues presented by those in the know.

We have partnered with industry-leading event management companies that offer motivational and insightful events covering a range of business topics presented by world-renowned speakers to help broaden your knowledge.

Learning initiatives

We organise learning initiatives such as Learning at Work Week and Wellbeing Week throughout the year, so alongside your professional development, you can grow in a more positive manner on a personal level too.