What is a Good Job Application? | SEFE Marketing & Trading

What makes a good application

Aspirational and innovative individuals make up SEFE Marketing & Trading’s worldwide workforce. The secret? Their applications made an impact from the first word, and we knew we were looking at something special. Want to work with us? Here’s a run through of the key aspects you should be including to make your application stand out from the rest.

Research, research, research

With a wealth of SEFE Marketing & Trading information at your disposal, our website is a superb resource to use in your interview prep. Whether you want to know more about what we do, our working culture, or the company’s values, getting a handle on all things SEFE Marketing & Trading is easy, so be sure to explore what’s here.

Want to go a step further and really impress us? Delve into current industry news and demonstrate your knowledge about the opportunities and challenges that SEFE Marketing & Trading faces within the industry.

The candidates who can adapt to change in a fast-paced environment with ease are those who stand out. We love working with forward-thinkers, the people who are always on the lookout for ways to improve, are keen to learn and have an eye on progression at all times – show us you’re cut from the same cloth in your application and interview.


Check your CV

Get to know your CV front to back. Make sure you have things like career gap explanations, reasons for leaving, and your day-to-day duties properly prepared. Don’t get caught out by your CV. A rule of thumb – if you’re not prepared to talk about certain areas of your CV, don’t include them.

Make sure it’s up to date, free from spelling/grammatical errors, and highlights your most valued skills to the best of your ability. Show us your achievements with the appropriate data and results, and keep it visually effective with short, bullet-pointed sentences.


Show us your skills

Get to know the job description and match the required skills to your own knowledge, achievements and first-hand accounts. A job application is simply a matter of hitting the relevant targets, so show us you’ve got what it takes to succeed in this role.

How do you relate to SEFE Marketing & Trading’s core values of innovation, passion for excellence, growth and learning, and teamwork? Can you match your work experience to these ideals? Make sure you have some solid examples of when and how you demonstrated these behaviours to share with us.