Risk Management

In the event of risk, what safeguards are in place to minimise its effects? Find out more about our approach to risk management below.

Risk management remains a priority for SEFE Marketing & Trading. Ultimate responsibility for risk management within SEFE Marketing & Trading rests with the Board of Directors. 

The business’ recent growth came as a result of increased volumes within existing businesses and expansion into new products, sectors and geographies. Responding to this, the Risk Management function continued to grow strongly – especially the Credit Risk, Market Risk and Enterprise Risk teams.

A new Regulatory Affairs team was established to ensure that, as we grow, we are able to influence and align with regulatory developments. This will help ensure that any risks arising in this area are appropriately understood and managed. The Risk Management function also includes a Strategy and Business Modelling team, which plays a major role in developing, implementing and monitoring strategy. This enables us to assess and act upon existing or future risks that may arise from entry into new transactions, products, markets or geographic locations.