'S-Hertogenbosch (Netherlands)




SEFE Energy’s Dutch office helps our customers get the energy they need in a reliable and as cost-effective a way as possible. It’s been that way since we made Hertogenbosch our home in 2011. We started our journey over 13 years ago in the Netherlands as an ambitious energy supplier and the business is built on the values of great relationships, a passion for growth and excellent customer service. In recent years we have grown from a handful of people and supplying less than a hundred customers to a business energy supplier with 43 employees and a good number of customers and relations.

What makes our Netherlands office thrive when it comes to retail? Our core values of innovation and ability to think outside of the box, a passion for excellence, growth and learning, and teamwork play a big part, as do the dedicated energy professionals.

With a passion for customer service, we are proud to be a partner to our customers. Our team of specialists is always looking for ways to help our customers achieve their energy goals. We are constantly working to improve our service and make things easier so that our customers can get on with running their businesses.

Marketing gas and power across the country, you’ll find our Dutch offices at Utopialaan 48, a short walk from a number of bus links. Want to join a leading team of retail energy professionals? Check out our vacancies and see what we can do for your next career move.

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