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Hiring process

If you’d like to find out more about our hiring process, take a look at the information below.

Stage 1 – Complete the online application form  

By clicking on ‘apply’ at the bottom of the vacancy, you will be taken to our external vacancy application system. The landing page is our data protection page, so please click ‘continue’ after reading this to start the application process, selecting either to ‘create an account’ (enabling you to track progress), ‘log in to your account’ (if you have applied to us before) or ‘skip login’ to apply for that specific vacancy as a one-off.

Please then answer all questions as fully as possible and attach your CV, covering letter and any other relevant supporting documents.

We will assess your application against the role criteria and aim to respond to all applications by email or phone within two weeks of receiving them.


Stage 2 – 1st Stage Telephone Interview/Face-to-Face Interview

If your application is successful, we will invite you to either a telephone or face to face interview depending on your availability.

First stage interviews are with the immediate hiring manager and a member of the HR team, and will last approximately one hour. If an assessment forms part of the first stage, it may take longer. We will advise you in advance to allow you time to prepare.

Interviews are generally structured as follows:

  • We will ask you what you know about the company and the role. The Hiring Manager will then give more detail on these aspects as well as the team and function.
  • A review of your CV. We will ask you to go into more depth on your skills, experiences and responsibilities in each of your previous roles.
  • Technical questions. The hiring manager may ask some technical questions relevant to the role.
  • Competency-based questions will assess your suitability for the role. This technique uses questions based on the competencies required to perform the job as the best indicator of the future performance of an applicant. Competencies are the behavioural skills required for the role and are linked to the values of the company, such as teamwork, innovation and passion for excellence, growth and learning. The job description will help you to identify what the key competencies are.

You may find it useful to answer the competency-based questions using the STAR technique:

  • Situation: Describe the background of a particular situation
  • Task: Talk through the task in relation to the situation.
  • Action: How did you manage the tasks set and overcome any challenges?
  • Result: What was the end result?

Refer to specific examples when answering, rather than more general examples.


Stage 3 – Second/final interview

 Conducted by a member of the HR team as well as a more senior member of the hiring managers’ team, this will cover more targeted questions on aspects that weren’t touched on during your initial interview. As well as delving into previous topics in greater detail, we’ll also discuss your motivations, careers aspirations and how you work in a team.

Again, it’ll last about an hour, and will likely be held within two weeks of the first stage interview.


Stage 4 – Offer of employment

 If you’ve made it to this stage, congratulations – we’ve contacted you with an offer of employment.

Depending on how many other candidates are being considered, we’ll aim to get back to you within two weeks. At the interview stages, we’ll be able to provide more precise timings.

Please note that an offer is subject to you having the legal right to live and work in the role which you are being offered in the UK (or the relevant global location to which you are applying) and to you producing your passport and any additional original documents which we may request as proof of this.

You passing to our satisfaction any employment, educational and reference checks which we request.

Equal Opportunities Employer

We encourage and support the recruitment and career development of people from as wide a range as possible of ethnic, cultural and social backgrounds.