Retail is one of SEFE Marketing & Trading’s three strategic business units. The Retail business unit, known as SEFE Energy, is headquartered in Manchester and is responsible for supplying energy to non-domestic end users in the UK,  France and the Netherlands.

SEFE Energy competes directly with the ‘big 5’ and other business energy suppliers in the UK, as well as other independent suppliers. Since entering the non-domestic gas market in the UK in 2006, SM&T’s Retail business has climbed the market share table and is currently one of the largest business gas suppliers (by volume).

The Retail branch in the Netherlands operates out of Den Bosch. Our Netherlands team was the first of our Retail teams to supply dual fuel.

Now, SEFE Energy supplies power in both the UK and the Netherlands.

In France, the Retail team works from Paris and sells gas to a range of businesses and organisations, including supermarkets, bakeries and manufacturers.

As well as supplying energy to businesses, SEFE Energy trades carbon credits with organisations in the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS). SEFE Energy also supports SM&T in buying electricity from independent generators in the UK under Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs).

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