Our Digital Market access tool that will boost your Energy

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Transparency, flexibility and deep market research; our Digital Market portal allows our counterparties access to live Gas and Power Markets – for seamless trading.

In our ongoing efforts to promote transparency in Gas and Power pricing, we now offer Digital Market access to our counterparties through our web portal. Providing access to live prices and in-depth access to European Gas and Power Markets, this tool is ideal for those looking to trade with SEFE Marketing & Trading while taking advantage of intraday market opportunities in a volatile market environment.

Find out more about the benefits of our Digital Market access portal, as well as the set-up process, in our guide below.

The benefits of Digital Market access

Our portal aims to digitalize Gas and Power trading, promoting greater transparency and control for the end user. The portal gives access to live prices from European Markets which traders can use to trade with SEFE Marketing & Trading based on authorised products that we have set-up for trading via EFET Agreements.

Some of the many benefits energy players can garner from the tool are:


Access to real-time market prices, across Europe, promotes total transparency, lending you greater control over your energy trading strategy. Uses pricing access for physical Gas and Power markets across all European Markets, for total clarity and better-informed decision-making.

The advantage of intraday market movements

Intraday market visibility is one of the biggest advantages of our system, allowing greater insight into emerging volatility across UK and European energy markets. This additional level of market insight provides a sound foundation for energy strategizing, and mitigates some of the risks of trading in volatile markets.

Complete market visibility from Within Day to Long-Term tenors

Our tool facilitates granular market analysis over a broad timeframe, supporting both Within Day and Long-Term tenor periods. The ability to track Gas and Power market movement with real-time pricing makes for simpler and more timely trading decisions, as well as an overview of your counterparties’ market activities – for a more transparent trading environment.

What can you do with our Digital Market access tool?

The benefits of the system are clear, but how can you put the system to use for your own trading purposes, and what features are included?

• Buy and sell Gas and Power in standard market lots

• Route prices into the market and see whether anyone can match your order – creating a market when there’s no price on screen

• Send SEFE Marketing & Trading quotation requests for non-standard products

• Follow live market prices and access SEFE Marketing & Trading’s unique market depth

• Take advantage of our Live Market Trading Tool

• Benefit from intraday market opportunities

As our tool develops, we will work continuously to update and improve its features, and hope to add new tools and options in the near future, including:

• Intraday Power markets access

• Graphs and technical analysis tools, for deep-dive analysis of market movement

• Exporting of data

• A growing library of reports to aid analysis

Set-up process

The initial set-up process is incredibly simple:

• Sign an EFET agreement with SEFE Marketing & Trading (if not yet done) for Gas, Power or both, subject to KYC and credit.

• Sign the agreement for Digital Market Access.

Sign relevant EFETG Gas or Power contracts

Sign Agreements

Digital Market Access Granted

Once these simple contracts are signed and the set-up is effectively complete, you will be able to start trading right away. As a a web-based platform, all you need is an internet connection and a computer and you are away. The SEFE Marketing & Trading team will help you with the set-up of the portal which you can access through your normal web browser.

Subject to KYC being cleared and credit, any energy trader can sign up to access the portal, with no minimum portfolio threshold or additional access criteria.

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