SEFE Marketing & Trading offers Gas and Power Route-to-Market and Digital Market access to Independent Suppliers

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Discover how you could benefit from SEFE Marketing & Trading’s extensive route-to-market offering and market-leading trading portal.

At SEFE Marketing & Trading, we’ve been developing our offerings, so we can provide more for independent suppliers. We already offer route-to-market to multiple independent suppliers across the UK and continental Europe, working with many parties from small start-ups to very large independent suppliers. Over the years, we’ve been refining our offering, so it better suits the needs of independent suppliers.

What we offer to Independent Suppliers:

We offer a huge range of benefits for Independent Suppliers. Firstly, a dedicated point of contact from the onboarding process up until we start trading. This will ensure you’re always talking to someone who understands your business and has your best interests at heart.

Making it even easier for you to benefit from our services, we trade through phone, email, Eikon messenger chat and offer 24/7 operations desk coverage.

Giving you greater freedom when procuring energy, we provide a number of short-term pricing options including intraday gas and intraday power, shapes prices and blocks prices for UK Power. Combine these with other non-standard products, long tenors, curve prices and you have access to a great suite of options.

What we also offer to Independent Suppliers

If you are looking to maintain your eco-conscious and environmentally-friendly credentials, SEFE Marketing & Trading also offer a number of green certificates to independent suppliers. We can provide the Renewable Obligation Certificate (ROC), Guarantee of Origin (GOO) and the Renewable Energy Guarantee Origin (REGO) certificates.

Digital Market Access through our Trading Portal

For greater transparency and efficiency, SEFE Marketing & Trading also offer digital market access through our trading portal. This is our state-of-the-art digital trading tool which allows you to trade electronically with SEFE Marketing & Trading.

You will be able to see live prices and have the same access SEFE Marketing & Trading has to live market prices, giving you an advantage when buying and selling. You’ll be able to input orders via the trading portal and we will route the orders into the market on your behalf. These electronic trades make it much more efficient for you, so you’ll be able to react to the fast-moving world of energy prices.

With multiple gas and electricity locations available, you’ll have all the tools at your disposal to get the best prices. The option to tender quotation requests for non-standard products provides even greater freedom during the buying and selling process.

Finally, the capacity to target intraday market opportunities means you’ll have total freedom in a volatile market environment. This makes our system an absolutely essential tool for independent suppliers looking for a route to market.

Independent Suppliers set-up process

We follow a clear onboarding process for all our new counterparties and we always keep them up-to-date through the set-up process.

The first step of the process is to go through the KYC (Know your Customer) process, we will ask for documents to be provided so we can check the company information. Once KYC is approved, our credit team will proceed with the credit assessment and we will then start discussing the credit solution we can offer. Once the credit solution is agreed, we will proceed with the contract signature and set-up for Trading.

Below is an illustration of the set-up process:

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KYC Process

Company information


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Credit Solution Agreed

Credit Line/Credit Support


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Contracts signed

EFET Power & EFET Gas


*EFET agreements – General Agreements on Power and Gas published by European Federation of Energy Traders. They are standard form contracts which provide standardised terms for the underlying transactions.

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