Ross Graham

Ross works in our Global Trading Operations team. In the first of our Success Stories series, find out how Ross feels about his role...

Success Stories: Ross Graham

It’s a really good company to work for, I have personally seen very good investment in its employees, and I’ve been able to make some really good friends.

I joined SEFE Marketing & Trading from a Japanese oil company, but then I saw SEFE Marketing & Trading as a good way of building on my knowledge; as I trained lots of different qualities, and was a lot larger as an organisation.

I first joined Settlement team, and then later joined the Product Control team. They have now merged to become the Global Trading Operations team. This means that they are taking the Settlement team and Product Control teams from all the offices across the globe; which means on a daily basis in the morning I will be speaking to the Singapore office and liaising with those guys. In the afternoon I will be speaking to the guys in Houston.

This is a good example of us as a global team and the fact that we do keep in very good contact.

The advice I’d like to give is if you’re looking to join the SEFE Marketing & Trading group, I think you should give it a go. It’s a good company that invests time in its employees. Personally, I can see that there’s a really good culture.