SEFE Marketing & Trading and STEM Women

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On the 21st of February 2024, SEFE Marketing and Trading are sponsoring STEM Women’s Graduate Careers Events in London.

The fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths (STEM) are incredibly competitive, with high expectations and barriers to entry. These barriers to entry are made higher when the aspect of gender is brought into the mix.

As of 2019, only 26% of STEM graduates were women. Some research suggests something of a cycle where there is a lack of female role models in both the classroom and the workplace, leading to more women leaving the STEM field leading to a lack of representation in the classroom and in the workplace.

Initiatives such as STEM Women aim to close this gap by connecting employers with female STEM graduates with talks, seminars and networking events.

On the 21st of February 2024, SEFE Marketing and Trading are sponsoring STEM Women’s Graduate Careers Events in London.

As well as this, over the next few months, STEM Women have several events across the UK that SEFE Marketing and Trading will be attending, to grow our network and potentially find inspiring new talent to join our team.

Upcoming Events:

Birmingham STEM Women Graduate Careers Event – 14th February 2024

London STEM Women Graduate Careers Event – 21st February 2024

Manchester STEM Women Graduate Careers Event – 28th February


What are STEM jobs?

STEM is a broad term that encompasses the fields of the Sciences, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. With the rapid emergence of computing in the modern world, the STEM fields have found themselves growing year after year, but it is still a male-dominated career path.

Who are STEM Women?


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Since 2018, after acknowledging a growing demand for women in STEM fields, STEM Women has been hosting events for students and graduates, with an emphasis on empowering women to pursue their STEM careers.

Some research suggests that women and non-binary people can face obstacles and biases when entering the STEM fields, STEM Women aims to break these barriers down through incredible networking events.

As well as offering in-person events, STEM Women’s website also doubles as a job site, advertising jobs from companies who are making a concerted effort to close the gender gap in the STEM field, such as SEFE Marketing and Trading.

SM&T & STEM Women

SEFE Marketing & Trading are, once again, sponsoring STEM Women. SEFE Marketing & Trading are investing heavily in the transition towards a green future, and we believe that this can only be accomplished with a diverse workforce offering a wide range of life experiences and problem-solving skills.

At SEFE Marketing and Trading, we are positioning ourselves as leaders in the employment of women in STEM. Not only are SEFE M&T offering positions, but we are also investing in the future by putting an emphasis on continued learning through our internships.


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Working at SEFE

As a large employer in the STEM field, SEFE Marketing and Trading believe in a culture of support, inclusion and development to ensure that our employees feel valued and appreciated throughout their careers with us.

We offer a range of benefits including medical and dental insurance, an exceptional 10% pension contribution and salary protection should you be out of work through illness.

In 2024, SEFE M&T are launching our Internship Programme. The Internship Programme offers applicants to gain invaluable real-world experience working for a trading business energy provider.  For more information about the Internship Programme, take a look at our Careers Page.


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