SEFE appears under one brand at the E-world in Essen

Logo of SEFE M&T on a white background

An exciting step into the future of the industry, here's how we're Uniting Our Energy to become one SEFE.

SEFE will be appearing at Europe’s largest energy trade fair in Essen from May 22 to 25 for the first time under a unified brand – SEFE. The storage company astora and the sales company WINGAS will become part of the brand and also adopt the SEFE logo. At the same time, SEFE is harmonising the brands of SEFE Marketing & Trading as well as SEFE Energy under the joint SEFE brand.

The logo, which has already been established since October 2022 will be used throughout the organisation from now on. It symbolises SEFE’s vision and ambition: to secure gas supplies in Germany and Europe and drive the green transition. By combining the brands, SEFE is uniting its energy and sharpening the focus on its core European business to jointly provide energy to customers and partners at affordable prices.

The harmonisation of the brand follows SEFE’s ongoing strategic positioning as an integrated midstream company. The company will apply a joint steering model for its comprehensive offering along the value chain, ranging from sourcing and trading, storage to distribution. The common brand illustrates the company’s new integrated operating model. At the trade fair, SEFE will present its future approach to the public for the first time.

“Integrating our businesses along the energy value chain is key to providing reliable and sustainable energy to our customers. As an integrated midstream company, we offer energy at competitive prices to our customers and our partners to meet the demand for green energy products. We are proud to present our new operating model and brand concept at the E-world”, says Egbert Laege, CEO of SEFE.

Together we guarantee the security of supply in Germany and Europe and play a key role in the green transformation.

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