Job Interviews

Job Interviews

Interviews for any role can come with pressure, nerves and stress. The interviewing process is usually the last barrier between you and landing the job, so you naturally want to impress your interviewer.

Knowing how to stand out from the competition and make a great impression are skills you can learn and master. Our collection of guides and advice can help you ace any interview and ease those pre-interview jitters.

Preparing for an interview

Tick the pre-interview preparation off your to-do list with our best tips for everything from calming your nerves to the best interview tactics in all different situations.

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How to calm nerves before an interview

Pre-interview nerves are part of the process for most applicants. Here’s how to handle any nervous energy on the day and use it to your advantage.

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Interview tips for introverts

Introverts are naturally quieter, but they can still stand out and bring the confidence needed for job interviews. Here’s our advice for introverts trying to land a new role.

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Preparation tips for a second interview

Knowing you’re in the running for a job you want is a great feeling. Follow our top tips on how to impress at a second interview and secure your dream role.

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Interview tips from recruitment experts

These insights are guaranteed to help you feel prepared before walking into your next job interview. Who better to trust with the task than recruitment experts?

Types of interview

Be prepared for any interview you might face on your job-hunting journey – from panels to groups. Different interview types can be daunting to some candidates. Unknown and familiar situations will require preparation to guarantee success and a calm head.

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Tips for panel job interviews

Sitting down before a panel can be daunting. Here’s the key to a successful interview in front of an audience of key team members at your prospective workplace.

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Competency-based interview tips

With a third of employers opting to ask competency-based questions, ensure you’re familiar with the process and what it involves with our guide.

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Tips for group job interviews

Employers will often save time, assess teamwork, and compare candidates with group interviews. Here’s what to expect and how to make an impression.

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Tips for job interview presentations

A presentation can provide an excellent opportunity to showcase your skills to an employer. In this guide, we’ll talk you through the best ways to make an impact and nail that surprise mid-interview presentation.

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A guide to video and phone interviews

The recent rise in remote working has brought with it a change to online recruitment. Whether your interviews are over the phone or on a video call, you can still plan and prepare for success with our guide.

Interview strategies

Struggle with getting your point across in interview situations? Our guides below can help you curate the perfect interview strategy that showcases your personality and skill set. These will leave you confident and ready to give well-structured answers to any questions a potential employer might throw your way.

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How to follow up after an interview

A follow-up email must be well-written, perfectly timed and maintain an air of professionalism. Here’s our guide to nailing yours and ensuring you get the job offer you want.

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Questions to ask at the end of an interview

After acing an interview, they end with the dreaded: “Do you have any questions to ask us?”. Use this opportunity to gain insight into the company culture with our guide.

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How to ask for job interview feedback

Discover how you can turn an unsuccessful interview into a valuable learning curve and allow yourself to improve your approach with the help of this guide.

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The STARR interview question response method: explained

Take on a new approach to your interview responses with the STARR response method. Here, we’ve outlined each step of the method to ensure you can impress potential employers by succinctly and incisively getting all your points across.

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How to answer behavioural interview questions

Behavioural questions are a common interview tactic to help employers understand your personality, skillset, and abilities. This guide will go through some commonly asked questions and our best tips for charming employers with your responses.

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Using non-verbal communication in job interviews

Feel prepared to give the best performance using your communication skills? It’s now time to consider your non-verbal communication. Here, we’ll delve into the importance of body language in an interview and how you can use it to your advantage.

Interview questions by role

Interviewing for a specific role? Know what to expect before you even apply and start preparing with our role-specific guides below.

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Solutions architect interview questions

Secured an interview for the role of a solutions architect? Our guide will run you through the main things to know before beginning the process.

Business people using pen,tablet,notebook are planning a marketing plan to improve the quality of their sales in the future.

Business analyst interview questions

Interviewing for the role of a business analyst? Get to know the usual interview process and learn some top tips on how to succeed in our essential guide.

DevOps interview questions

Going after a DevOps position? Learn more about the unique and challenging interview process, including some top tips on how to put your best foot forward when answering typical questions.